Explore an indoor tropical rainforest in Randers Regnskov, only 30 minutes away. 



Surrounding Mariager there are many golf courses, two of which have a beautiful view of Mariagerfjord.  


The beach in Øster Hurup is one of the best and is only 20 minutes away.


Vikingecenter Fyrkat allows you to travel back to the Viking age, and is a mere 15 minutes away.

Tour boat

Sail along Mariagerfjord on this paddle steamer called “The Swan”. 

Old-time train

Ride in an old-time train on the original railway with beautiful surroundings. 

“Mariager’s Salt center

Experience a “world of salt” e.g. swimming in the Dead Sea


Explore this brilliant miniature world.

City Museum

The museum accommodates an exhibition on Mariager church and abbey among other things 

Church and convent

Visit Mariager church and convent garden. 

Market Town

Mariager is a more than 400 year old Market town with lovely shops, cobblestone paved roads and roses. 


The fjord is a lovely bathing spot with excellent opportunities for fishing. 


Mariager is at great basis for your vacation. We recommend you to study:




Hobro is the main town at the end of Mariagerfjord.


Hadsund is a market town with a great Italian restaurant. 

Ă˜ster Hurup

If you want to enjoy sandy beaches, nightlife and tourist life , then visit Øster Hurup.